Paradigm 5hift

Paradigm Shift is a live role-playing game that immerses the player (you!) in a near future world of corporate greed and slum under cities. 

Players have a choice of character classes that each have their own advantages and disadvantages, these classes define the skills available to use in the game and how you will be able to develop your character.

This is a game designed for players over 18. The themes and content are of an adult nature and we will be dealing with them as such, actions will have consequences, past deeds may come back to haunt us etc.

Why are we saying this? - because we want to be clear about the game that we are running. We feel that this is only fair on you the player and us as the games team.

All images by Oliver Facey.

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While Paradigm Shift is primarily a Player V Environment game there may be Player V Player conflicts that arise during the story. There may be conflict of opinion, conflict over resources or any number of other things. Just like in real life - sometime people just don't get on. The Emphasis of the game is on role-play and we hope players really get into the roles they have chosen and have fun with it.

Although there are rules -  this is a game that is very much for the role player not the meta-gamer. We expect these rules to grow and change as the game develops. However please understand that while we are happy to discuss rules with you at appropriate times a referees decision is always final.

Combat uses both the classic LRP foam and latex weapons and under specific circumstances Airsoft guns, fighting safely is explained in full alongside the descriptions of damage and effects in the rules document. (Airsoft shall only be used on specific missions and in specific areas away from the main game area)

Paradigm Shift will be played exclusively in “uptime” meaning everything that happens in the game is played out during events there is no “downtime” system.

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