Macabre LRP

Macabre is a fantasy game set after a failed Gothic Renaissance in an Eastern European styled world, during an End of Days event. It is a campaign of discovery with no fixed conclusion, as the players will dictate the outcome by their actions.

All images by lily_pig2907.

Warning: This game will contain elements of horror (not slasher movie horror but gothic horror). Due to the nature of the game we will use, and encourage the use of fake blood. If you are not willing to be covered in crimson gore and black ichor this is probably not the game for you! Although the period setting (around the 15th century) would suggest the use of firearms and gunpowder we have specifically chosen to stick to a purely hand-to-hand weapon system. As a result we are not using replica flintlocks, cannons or other black powder weaponry, it has simply not been discovered.

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