Kleptocracy Q&A

What time can I arrive on Site ?    

What time is time in / Out ?

Is it Camping?

What Facilities are there on site?

Are we allowed fire pits and Lamps?  

Do you need Crew?

From 3pm onwards on the Friday of the event

Time in is around 8pm and time out is around 2am Sunday morning

Yes this is a camping game.  There is no indoor accommodation on site.  You are welcome to set up home in the IC area and in many ways this is encouraged - players are welcome to find an area of the undercity and claim it as their own.

We have a toilet and shower block next to the game area.  We also operate and IC Bar in the Play area

There are fire pits set up in the undercity - please only make fires in these specific spots.  We would ask that you do not use real flame candles or paraffin lamps while in the undercity, battery candles and lanterns only please.  You may see a few paraffin lamps dotted around, but these hae been placed by us and are for specific locations only, please do not move them in game. 

If you would be interested in joining our Ref / Writing / Crew team please contact us directly as places are limited.

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